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Arkansas Duck Hunting Guide - A Day In The Life

Arkansas is known as the duck hunting capital of the world, and for good reason. With its abundance of waterfowl, it's no wonder that hunting is such a beloved pastime in the area. But what does a day in the life of an Arkansas Duck Hunting Guide look like? We've teamed up with Cupped Wings Guide Service to give you an inside look at what it's like to be a professional hunting guide. From pre-dawn preparations to setting up the perfect decoy spread, we'll take you through what it takes to ensure a successful hunt. So, grab your gear and join us as we experience a day in the life of an Arkansas duck hunting guide.

Introduction to Cupped Wings Guide Service

Cupped Wings Guide Service is a premier waterfowl hunting and guiding service located in Arkansas, United States. Founded in 2003, Cupped Wings Guide Service offers a unique experience of duck hunting on private land in the Arkansas delta.

The area is known for its rich hunting heritage and attracts hunters from all over the world. Cupped Wings Guide Service is a family-owned and operated business that has been providing exceptional hunting experiences for over 18 years. Their team of experienced and knowledgeable guides ensures that hunters have a safe and enjoyable hunting experience.

Cupped Wings Guide Service offers a range of hunting packages to suit the needs and preferences of its clients. Whether you are a seasoned hunter or a beginner, their guides will ensure that you have the best hunting experience possible.

In addition to duck and goose hunting, Cupped Wings Guide Service also offers deer, hog, upland bird, and dove hunting packages. Their facilities include comfortable lodging and delicious, home-cooked meals. With a passion for hunting and a commitment to providing exceptional service, Cupped Wings Guide Service is the perfect choice for anyone looking to experience the thrill of duck hunting in Arkansas.

Meet the Duck Hunting Guide: A brief background on the guide

When it comes to duck hunting, having a competent and experienced guide can make all the difference in the world. At Cupped Wings Guide Service, our Arkansas duck hunting guides are all experienced hunters with a deep passion for the sport and the natural resources. Our Arkansas duck hunting guides, in particular, are dedicated waterfowl hunters we are proud to have on our team.

Growing up hunting in the heart of the Arkansas Delta, Mike was introduced to duck hunting at a very young age. It quickly became his passion and he has been hunting ever since. Over the years, he has gained a wealth of knowledge about the ducks and their behavior, as well as the local area and the best spots for hunting.

Our guides are fully licensed and insured hunting guides with years of experience. Mike formed Cupped Wings Guide Service in 1999 as a duck club and began guiding in 2003 and dedicated his life to providing clients with a safe, enjoyable, and successful hunting experience. When you hunt with Cupped Wings Guide Service, you can trust that you are in good hands with a knowledgeable and skilled guide who will go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

Preparing for the Day: What a Guide Does Before the Hunt

A successful hunting trip requires proper preparation. Before a hunt, a guide needs to ensure that all the equipment is in working order. This includes checking the boats, guns, decoys, all-terrain vehicles, and other necessary hunting gear.

Another important aspect of preparation is scouting. The guide needs to know the area they will be hunting in and where the ducks are likely to be located. This involves spending time in the field, observing the ducks' movements and feeding patterns. This knowledge allows the guide to choose the best location for the hunt and to set up the decoys in a way that will attract the ducks.

In addition to equipment and scouting, the guide needs to communicate with the hunters. They need to know the hunters' experience level and any special requirements they may have. For example, if a hunter has a physical limitation, the guide needs to ensure that they are placed in a location that is easily accessible.

Overall, a guide's preparation is key to a successful hunt. By ensuring that everything is in working order and that they have the necessary knowledge of the area and the ducks' behavior, they can provide the hunters with the best possible experience.

Welcoming the Clients: Greeting the Hunters

Welcoming clients is a significant part of being a duck hunting guide. As the clients arrive at the hunting lodge or location, the guide should be the first to greet them. It's essential to make the clients feel comfortable and welcomed so that they can enjoy their hunting experience to the fullest. The guide should introduce themselves and ask for the names of the hunters. He should then go ahead and introduce the hunters to each other if they are not familiar with each other. This helps in making the hunters feel like they are part of a team and creates a friendly hunting atmosphere.

After introductions, the guide should give the hunters a brief overview of what to expect during the hunt, safety procedures, and the types of ducks they are likely to encounter. The guide should also explain the hunting plan for the day and answer any questions the hunters might have. Making sure that the hunters are comfortable and informed will help them relax and enjoy the day. A good hunting guide takes pride in creating a memorable hunting experience for their clients and welcoming the clients is a crucial part of that experience.

Setting up the Gear: Preparing for the Hunt

Once you reach the hunting location, it's time to get to work. The first task is to unload the gear from the truck and start setting up the blind. Typically, the blinds used for duck hunting are made of natural materials, such as brush, logs, and reeds, to blend into the surrounding environment. The guide will work with the hunters to set up a blind that is comfortable and will provide the best vantage point for shooting. In many instances, fixed permanent blinds will already be set up and ready for the clients.

Next, the decoys are set up in the water or fields. The decoys are designed to look like live ducks and are strategically placed to create a realistic scenario for incoming ducks. The guides will set up the decoys in a specific pattern to create a natural-looking flock of ducks. The decoy spread is an important factor in attracting ducks, so the guides take their time to make sure everything is perfect.

After the blinds and decoys are set up, the guides will set up the rest of the gear. This includes setting up the heaters, laying out the hunting equipment, and preparing any snacks or drinks for the hunters. Everything needs to be in place and ready to go before sunrise.

The guides will also brief the hunters on safety procedures and hunting strategies. They will go over the specific rules for the area and explain how to properly identify and shoot ducks.

Preparing for the hunt is a crucial part of the day. It sets the tone for the rest of the experience and ensures that everyone is comfortable and ready for a successful day of hunting. The guides at Cupped Wings Guide Service take pride in their attention to detail, ensuring that every hunt is a memorable experience for their clients.

Explaining the Plan: Discussing the Hunt with the Clients

After arriving at the hunting location, the next step for a duck hunting guide is to explain the plan for the hunt with their clients. This is a crucial part of the process as it helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect during the hunt.

The guide will typically discuss the type and number of ducks that are expected to be hunted that day, the location of the blinds, and any other important details about the hunt. This information is important for the clients as it helps them to mentally prepare for the hunt and to understand what their role will be.

Additionally, the guide will go over any safety rules and regulations that need to be followed during the hunt. This includes discussing the use of firearms, proper shooting techniques, and any other safety concerns that need to be addressed.

Overall, the discussion of the hunt plan helps to ensure that everyone is safe, comfortable, and well-informed during the hunting experience. It is an important step that should not be overlooked by any duck hunting guide. At Cupped Wings Guide Service, our guides take great care in explaining the hunt plan to our clients to ensure a successful and enjoyable hunt for all.

Out on the Water: Hunting and Safety Tips

Out on the water, duck hunting can be an exhilarating experience, but it's important to prioritize safety first. Here are some helpful tips for a successful and safe duck hunting trip:

1. Wear appropriate clothing - Dress in layers to stay warm and dry. Waders, waterproof jackets, gloves, and hats are essential for keeping you comfortable and protected from the elements.

2. Practice proper gun safety - Always keep your shotgun pointed in a safe direction, and only load it when you're ready to shoot. Make sure you know the range of your gun and never shoot at low-flying birds.

3. Use decoys and calls - Decoys can be an effective way to attract ducks to your hunting spot. Use calls to mimic the sound of ducks and lure them in closer.

4. Be aware of your surroundings - Pay attention to other hunters in the area and make sure you know where your hunting partners are at all times. Avoid shooting towards other hunters or boats.

5. Follow hunting regulations - Make sure you have the proper licenses and permits for hunting in the area, and follow all hunting regulations set by the state.

By following these tips and prioritizing safety, you can have a successful and enjoyable duck hunting trip on the water with Cupped Wings Guide Service.

Calling in the Ducks: Using Duck Calls

Using duck calls is an essential part of any duck hunting guide's day. At Cupped Wings Guide Service, we take pride in our ability to call in ducks with precision and expertise.

First, it's important to choose the right call for the situation. There are many different types of duck calls, each designed to mimic a specific species of duck. Understanding which call to use for the type of ducks in the area is critical for success. Cupped Wings makes their own custom duck and goose calls tailored to hunting in Arkansas.

Once the right call is selected, it's time to start practicing. A good duck caller knows how to use the call to create a variety of sounds, from quiet feeding calls to loud hail calls. It's important to be able to switch between calls quickly and seamlessly to keep the attention of the ducks.

When it's time to call in the ducks, the guide will use a combination of different calls to create a realistic and enticing sound. Starting with gentle feeding calls, the guide will gradually increase the volume and intensity of the calls to create a sense of urgency and excitement.

As the ducks approach, the guide will continue to adjust the calls to keep them interested and coming closer. It's a delicate balance that requires a combination of skill, experience, and intuition.

When done correctly, calling in ducks can be one of the most thrilling experiences for both the guide and the hunters. At Cupped Wings Guide Service, we take pride in our ability to call in ducks and provide our clients with an unforgettable hunting experience.

Enjoying the Beauty of Nature: Observing Arkansas Wildlife

As a duck hunting guide in Arkansas, the job isn't just about taking hunters out to shoot ducks. It's also about enjoying the beautiful nature that surrounds us. Hunting takes place in the early morning hours, which means that we get to witness some of the most stunning sunrises that nature has to offer. The colors of the sky change from deep blues, purples, oranges, and pinks as the sun begins to rise over the horizon. It's truly a breathtaking sight to see and something that we never get tired of.

In addition to the sunrise, we get to observe some of the most incredible wildlife in Arkansas. From bald eagles soaring overhead to deer grazing nearby, the natural beauty of Arkansas is truly awe-inspiring. It's not just about the ducks and geese that we are hunting for, but also about the entire experience of being outdoors in such a beautiful environment.

As guides, we are also responsible for ensuring that the wildlife is protected and preserved for future generations to enjoy. That means following all state and federal regulations and guidelines for hunting and fishing, as well as being respectful of the animals and their habitats.

Overall, being a duck hunting guide in Arkansas is about so much more than just the hunt. It's about experiencing the beauty of nature and all that it has to offer.

Wrapping Up: Cleaning Up and Preparing for the Next Hunt

As the day comes to an end, the guide's work is far from over. Guides must always be prepared for the next hunt, which means cleaning up and preparing for the next day. All hunting equipment needs to be cleaned, and any necessary repairs should be made. This includes cleaning guns, decoys, and boats. Clean decoys are essential for a successful hunt, as ducks may spot dirty or muddy decoys from afar and avoid them.

Guides also need to restock on any supplies that were used during the day, such as ammunition, snacks, and drinks. Preparing for the next hunt means being organized and having everything ready to go, so that the morning can start smoothly and efficiently.

The guide's day may be over, but the work never truly stops. From scouting new hunting locations to preparing for the next hunt, there is always something to be done. Duck hunting guides have a passion for the sport and the outdoors, and are dedicated to providing their clients with unforgettable hunting experiences.

A Day in the Life of a Duck Hunting Guide: Conclusion

Being a duck hunting guide is not just a job, it's a way of life. It takes a lot of hard work, skill, and patience to guide hunters through the perfect hunt. From scouting for the best hunting spots to setting up decoys and calling in flocks of ducks, it's a full day's work for a hunting guide.

As we conclude our day in the life of an Arkansas duck hunting guide with Cupped Wings Guide Service, we hope it has given you an insight into the dedication and passion that goes into this profession.

The job of a waterfowl hunting guide is not just about taking people hunting and showing them a good time. It's about building relationships, sharing knowledge, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. It's about helping people disconnect from their busy lives and connect with nature and the thrill of the hunt.

At Cupped Wings Guide Service, we take pride in providing our clients with the best possible hunting experience and making sure they leave with unforgettable memories. We hope you'll join us on your next hunting adventure and let us show you what it's like to be a duck hunting guide in Arkansas.

Contact Information for Cupped Wings Guide Service

If you're looking for a duck hunting guide service in Arkansas, look no further than Cupped Wings Guide Service. You can easily get in touch with them by calling their phone number at (865) 556-9198 or by visiting their website at https://www.cuppedwingsguideservice.com.

On their website, you'll find detailed information about the different types of hunts they offer, pricing, and even lodging options. You can also check out their photo gallery to see the types of ducks you can expect to hunt with them.

Cupped Wings Guide Service takes pride in providing a high-quality experience for their clients. They have knowledgeable guides who know the best hunting spots and provide top-notch equipment to ensure a successful hunt. Their goal is to make sure their clients have a memorable and enjoyable time out on the water.

So, whether you're a seasoned hunter or a beginner, Cupped Wings Guide Service is the perfect choice for your next Arkansas duck hunting trip. Don't hesitate to contact them today to start planning your adventure!

We hope you enjoyed our article about the life of an Arkansas Duck Hunting Guide with Cupped Wings Guide Service. Being a hunting guide requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and passion. It's a unique job that allows you to spend time in the great outdoors and share your knowledge and love of hunting with others. We hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the world of duck hunting and the work of a guide. If you're interested in booking a duck hunting trip with Cupped Wings Guide Service, be sure to check out their website and book early!

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