Details On Our Arkansas

Self Guided Conservation Goose Hunt

We Want You To Know Every Step Of The Way!

WHAT TO EXPECT ON YOUR Arkansas self guided conservation goose hunt

Plan on arriving the afternoon before your first morning hunt to meet up and sign release of liability forms and set up a game plan for the next mornings hunt.

Any remaining balances that have not been paid should be paid upon arrival via cash only. Checks and credit cards cannot be accepted on-site.

Cupped Wings will provide you with a large snow goose spread (includes full body and wind sock decoys), layout blinds for your group, electronic caller and escort you to the field you will be hunting.

We recommend bringing an ATV or side-by-side to get to and from fields. You will not be permitted to drive your truck on to the fields. You will need to use an ATV or side-by-side.

The field will be yours for the # of days you have it leased. You are welcome to leave decoys out overnight in your field however you are responsible for any equipment or decoys left in the fields overnight.

Our snow goose fields kill big numbers of birds every year. These are proven killing fields with a lot of success. Depending on crop rotation, the fields may be in rice, beans, corn, milo and/or millet.

We do not allow hunting after 3 PM CDT on any of our farms. However, if Weather Conditions are not good for a morning hunt and you prefer to hunt the afternoon till sunset, let us know and we will work with you!

We hunt our fields on a rotation. When you arrive your field will have had at least 3-5 days or more rest.

Please note that we strictly enforce a 10 mph speed limit on the levy roads throughout our farms. The only vehicles allowed on the levy roads and on the fields are ATV's or side-by-sides.

Note: The $1500/day rate is for up to 6 hunters in your group. It is an additional $200 per person per day for each additional hunters over 6 persons.

You are required to bring a copy of your drivers license to the guide before any equipment (decoys or layout blinds) will be released to your group. All equipment is due back to the Cupped Wings lodge by 5 PM CDT the last day of your hunt.

Things to check out while you are in town:
Ducks Unlimited Waterfowl Heritage Center - It is about 1 hr 15 min away from our McCrory Lodge and about a 30 minute drive from our Gilmore Lodge. It is Bass Pro Shops largest superstore featuring a treasury of duck hunting history and memorabilia. The Memphis Pyramid has been converted into the largest wildlife interactive museum focusing on raising awareness of wetlands and waterfowl conservation, emphasizing the importance of rivers wetlands to society. They illustrate the role hunters play in conserving wildlife habitat and the waterfowl resources. Its a must see if you are going to be in AR hunting with us this year!

DNW Outdoors - Located in Jonesboro, AR it has everything a duck or goose hunter would want.

Mack's Prairie Wings - Located about 1 hr south of our McCrory Lodge.

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