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Arkansas Self-Guided Pit Lease

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WHAT TO EXPECT ON YOUR Arkansas Self guided Pit Lease Hunt

You will meet a Cupped Wings Guide the afternoon before your morning hunt at a predetermined location near the hunting grounds.

Remaining balances are due in cash ONLY day of arrival. We do not accept credit cards or checks day of arrival.

Everyone in your group will sign a release of liability waiver before hunting.

Your guide will escort you to the hunting pit or drop you a Google Maps pin so you can go out the afternoon before to scout it out. Pit will be hunt ready when you arrive.

Decoys are not provided. We recommend bringing anywhere from 50 to 150 decoys for your spread. We also recommend bringing an ATV or side-by-side to get to and from the pits.

The pit will be yours only for the # of days you have it leased. You are welcome to leave decoys out overnight in your field however we are not responsible for any equipment or decoys left in the fields overnight.

The pits are 16 foot 6 man pits with either roll top lids or flip top lids and a dog box. If you have more than 6 hunters in your group you will need to lease 2 pits.

Fields will be flooded in 3″ up to 15″ of water depending on location. We cannot control Weather Conditions and at times prolonged subfreezing temperatures will cause the flooded fields to ice over. You are welcome to break ice, run Ice Eaters or Mallard Machines to keep a hole open or hunt full body decoys over the ice. We do not offer refunds due to subfreezing weather conditions.

Our pits that we lease kill 400-600 birds on average per year. These are proven killing holes with a lot of success. Depending on crop rotation, the fields may be in flooded rice, beans, corn, milo and/or millet.  

We do not allow hunting after 3 PM CDT on any of our farms. However, if weather conditions make it unsafe for a morning hunt, we may allow you to hunt the afternoon until sunset. You must request permission from Cupped Wings before hunting after 3 PM CDT. Many of our farms are roosting holes and will roost anywhere from 5K to 10K birds every evening.  We do this to ensure quality shooting throughout the season.  

We hunt our fields on a rotation. When you arrive your field will have had at least 3-4 days or more rest. As any knowledgeable duck hunter knows, if you shoot the roost in the evening, the birds that are using your farm will leave and NOT come back!  All shooting must end by 3 PM CDT unless prior approval was grated due to unsafe hunting conditions.

You are welcome to bring your retrieving dog and any Motion Decoys you would like. Most of our pits are within a 300-800 yard walk from a gravel road.  An ATV is not necessary, however we do recommend bringing an ATV or side-by-side to get back and forth from the pit to your truck. Please note that we strictly enforce a 10 mph speed limit on the levy roads throughout our farms.

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