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AFTERNOON goose Hunt

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What To Expect On Your Cupped Wings Guided Afternoon goose hunt

- If you are one of those people who do not wish to hang out at the Lodge in the afternoons enjoying the amenities like skeet shooting, shooting pool or throwing darts, you can add a Guided Afternoon Goose Hunt for Specks & Snows. The add-on afternoon hunts do have to be reserved ahead of time. We do not allow last second add on hunts at the lodge.

- After the morning waterfowl hunt, you will head back to the Lodge to enjoy some lunch. If you have reserved an Afternoon Goose Hunt, you will head back out to the goose hunting grounds between 2-3 PM with your guide.  

- We will be hunting over full body Speck and Snow goose decoys. We also use wind socks. We typically hunt out of layout blinds in dry field environments or may hunt out of a duck & goose pit in a flooded agricultural field.

- The afternoon goose hunt will end right at legal sunset and you will be escorted by your guide back to the lodge where supper will be cooking.

- If you are doing an afternoon goose hunt, we recommend having some rubber knee boots if you have them and using either BB or #1 shot for geese.

- Our goal is to make sure everyone has an opportunity to kill their limits. And enjoy a great afternoon Arkansas goose hunt. Your guides will also log, clean, bag, label and freeze your birds so you can transport back to your home state.

- We also offer optional add-on Afternoon Upland Bird Hunts on a Private Game Reserve. Check out the details on the Afternoon Upland Bird Hunt if you would like to enjoy a different hunting experience with your group.

A few other afternoon activities to enjoy in the area:

- Plan on visiting the Ducks Unlimited Waterfowling Heritage Center located in Memphis, TN. Along the banks of the Mississippi River it is only 25 minutes from our Gilmore lodge. And 1 hr 15 min from our Augusta lodge. It is Bass Pro Shops largest superstore. It features a treasury of duck hunting history and memorabilia. The Memphis Pyramid converted into the worlds largest wildlife interactive museum. Focusing on raising awareness of wetlands and waterfowl conservation. Emphasizing the importance of rivers and wetlands to society. Illustrating the role that hunters play in conserving wildlife habitat and waterfowl resources. Its a must see if you are going to be in AR hunting with us this season!

- If you are a waterfowl fanatic like most of us, you will definitely want to check out DNW Outdoors in Jonesboro, AR. It is about a 30 minute drive from our Gilmore lodge and about a 1 hr 10 min drive from our Augusta lodge. You can also check out the world famous Mack's Prairie Wings. Mack's is about a 1 hr drive from our Augusta lodge and 2 hr drive from our Gilmore lodge.

- You can also take a short drive to several National Wildlife Refuges in the Area. Lake Wapanocca National Wildlife Refuge has a great viewing platform. It can hold over 1,000,000 birds during certain times during the migration. We recommend taking a camera and going to watch sunset from the viewing platform. The Cache River National Wildlife Refuge has a nice viewing tower. You can watch the sunset and millions of waterfowl from the viewing platform. Bald Knob National Wildlife Refuge is the largest staging area in Arkansas for Northern Pintails. There are roads and trails throughout the refuge to view waterfowl.

This is your Arkansas Duck Hunting Vacation! Enjoy it!

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